Immortalize the hero in your life

HeroMods are the ultimate unique gift.
You supply the photos and customize your superhero, then we use the latest 3D printing technology to build a lifelike figurine - delivered to your door.

We now print in full color, high resolution plastic, making your HeroMods better than ever!

How it works Designing a HeroMod is easy, fun and fast.

Step 1: Choose your armour.

Step 1

Choose your armour.

Step 2: Upload your photo.

Step 2

Upload your photo.

Step 3: We build your mod and post it to you!

Step 3

We build your mod and post it to you!


Short of time? Send a giftcard and your hero can have fun building their own HeroMod.

HeroMods Gift card

Art Meets Tech

Our designers carefully create a model before advanced 3D printing makes it a reality.

Art meets tech

Join the Community

Once you’ve got your HeroMod, you join the global superhero community.